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Great Northern Brewing Co

‘The Beer from Up Here’
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what we needed to change

Get Australians to fall in love with Great Northern Brewing Co. (GNBC) ‘The Beer from Up Here’.

how we changed it

Consumer research told us more men were looking to reconnect with their mates in the great outdoors. So, we created The House of Great Northern. A ‘brand house’ in Cairns that was used to communicate the brand ethos on a national scale. Using MAGNETIC, we selected six influencers from different walks of life (Nick Cummings - sport, Hayden Quinn - food etc.) and six journalists to go on a four-day familiarisation experience. The goal? To create a swell of ‘outdoorsy’ content and coverage to land at the start of summer, ensuring third party endorsement, brand awareness and consideration throughout the summer months. All content used #thebeerfromuphere and #greatnorthern hashtags. Consumers could also take part, via a socially-driven competition Nick Cummins’ shared post was the most successful post by reach and engagement in the history of the brand’s page.

the impact


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