about magnum & co

why magnum?

While media has always evolved, we believe one thing remains the same - communication has the powerful ability to change a business and influence culture.

do things that change things
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about magnum & co
why we exist

We believe brands are getting further away from culture, valuing the  tweaking of metrics and novelty, over ambitious missions that make a real difference. A difference to a category. The future of a business. Or even the lives of its customers.

we stand for
Doing things That
Change Things

Our way of helping brands find a mission is to link culture with commerce, and we stand for ‘Doing Things That Change Things’. Because if we’re not helping brands do things that change things, then what are we doing?

Whether that’s Red Bull, giving wings to people and ideas. Converse, celebrating the daring spirit of youth. Or GoDaddy, helping small businesses get up online. We start with the most important question of all. What really needs to change?

about magnum & co

what we

every brief is a dare

At the heart of every great brand and every great campaign is a mission. No matter the size, helping brands deliver on a mission is our mission.

Things are never what they seem

More often than not, the problem we’re given isn’t the problem that really needs solving. We question everything to ensure cause and effect are the right way round.

culture first

Yes, we can generate all the impressions in the world. In Paid, Owned, and Earned media. But the thing is, we won’t make a lasting one unless we deeply understand culture.

There’s always a way

In our experience, nine times out of ten, even the biggest challenge will have a solution. It might not be the one staring you in the face, but there’s always a way. A way around it, over it, or through it.


our mission

No matter the size, helping brands deliver on a mission is our mission.

do things that change things