Instagram Launches Voice Messaging in Direct Messages – Weekly Social Media Update Wk46 2018

Instagram-launches-voice-messaging-in-direct messaging Instagram has now announced that it’s rolling out voice messaging within direct message, providing another way for users to stay in touch. Voice messages can be up to a minute long, and remain permanently listenable rather than disappearing. Voice messages will also work in both one-on-one and group chats. [Read more] Facebook’s Adding… View Article

5 Big Updates to Facebook Ads – Weekly Social Media Update Wk43 2018

Facebook Implements New Restrictions on ‘Low Quality’ Ads Facebook has announced a new set of restrictions, and increased penalties, for brands that publish ‘low quality’ ads on its platform. Facebook has provided three specific examples that count as ‘low quality’. Firstly engagement bait – these are your typical ‘like and share’ posts, re-purposed as ads…. View Article

Soon we’ll be chatting with our ads – Weekly Social Media Update Wk42 2018

Google ushers in the Age of Conversational Ads with the launch of AdLingo Blurring the lines between social and display, Google Ads’ new display format allows advertisers to deliver ads that query users and respond to them. Dubbed “AdLingo”, it provides the first widely available ad format for conversational ads outside of messaging apps. [… View Article