How do you solve a problem like COVID-19?

In just a few weeks, what we thought was media hysteria has turned into a global crisis, impacting us all in some way shape or form, both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke.  It certainly isn’t a time to be glib. While media consumption is up, we believe dealing with COVID-19… View Article

Pinterest brings Shoppable Pins to visual searches for fashion, home products – Weekly Social Media Update Wk39 2019

Pinterest announced this week that it has advanced its Lens capabilities, making it possible for the visual search tool to now identify more than 2.5 billion fashion and home products. With this latest advancement, the company is adding fashion and home related Shoppable Pins to visual search results. [Read more] Facebook’s Testing a New ‘Chat’… View Article

Facebook May Soon Hide Total Like Counts on Posts, Mirroring Instagram’s Test – Weekly Social Media Update Wk37 2019

Facebook is testing hiding like counts, similar to Instagram on its platform. The removal of public like counts, is said to reduce social comparison, and its associated negative impacts. This move may not have measurable impact for branded posts on Facebook, but it could affect the brand-influencer relationship, especially in terms of how brands and… View Article