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What GDPR Means for Australian Businesses

As you may know, there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the new regulations being implemented in the EU and how it could affect brands globally. We’ve read all the detail (so you don’t have to) and summarised below the ‘need to knows’ for your business.

Firstly, as an overview, General Data Protection Regulation has been developed as way to protect consumer rights in a data-driven era. As a result, brands, advertisers and publishers will have an obligation to be transparent about how personal data is being used and allow users to access, block or erase the use of their data.

Although the GDPR applies only to businesses dealing with or processing personal data of an EU resident, there are some considerations for the future of data collection. From a social media perspective, the key change will be adding pop-ups to websites, alerting users entering the site, they are consenting to tracking. This applies for use of a Facebook pixel, Google Analytics or affiliates. The other consideration is upon collecting data via email opt-in, lead generation or contact forms brands will need to get consent via a checkbox. As we move to a mobile only world, data providers of location-based services and apps will need to be transparent to users of third-party data sharing and tracking.

Whether or not something similar is implemented in Australia, we see it as a positive step for the future of advertising. For years brands have aimed to collect as much data as humanly possible, but under the GDPR marketers will need to be smarter and more innovative with the ways they segment and use their customers data. The changes will mean brands need to prioritise consumers rights and give users greater control, which again is not a bad thing, when we think about a future of personalisation and marketing driven by an obsession with our customer’s needs.

We will continue to monitor updates and share with you considerations as they come through to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and are future-proofing all our practices.

For future reading, check out this infographic outlining advertiser responsibilities.