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Breaking Out on TikTok: Why This is the Perfect Time to Add TikTok to Your Marketing Plan

Prior to COVID-19, the rise of social media app TikTok was prominent among Gen Z. Now, with everybody indoors and having more time to kill, people of all ages are succumbing to TikTok’s call and downloading the app.

From a marketing perspective, TikTok might seem miniscule in the grand scheme of things, however as the most downloaded app in 2019 and over 1.6 million Australians using the app, it might be time to consider it in your social media marketing mix.


If your business targets 15-30 year olds, then TikTok is definitely something you should consider. Not only does the platform boast 1 billion videos watched in a day, it is also a unique content creation tool that can set you apart in your industry.

You’re probably wondering whether this app will have an impact on your brand. If you use this platform right, it sends a message that you are adapting to the times and allows your brand to tap into a new audience in a creative way.

Initially, it allows you to convey your brand’s message in a unique way. Think of it as another way to tell your story and engage the audience. It is important to consider how you can use Tik Tok to showcase the culture and essence of your brand.

If you have had a look at Tik Tok and believe it is not a match for your business that is understandable, however if it is something you could utilise it will be worth it.

It is a platform where the audience is excited and applauds creative content. TikTokers are extremely engaged in a positive way. The platform boasts the highest social media engagement rates per post compared to Instagram and Twitter, which goes to show its potential impact. It’s important to remember though that users are on the platform for fun, so leave the serious content for LinkedIn!

Have a look at how @gymshark uses TikTok, with 1.3 million followers they source videos from their community and post a range of different trending videos that highlight their brand’s core values in a fun and creative way.


Tik Tok has been called the social media sensation of lockdown. While we are all working from home, this is the perfect time to tap into your creative side because there really are no limits. But how can you do this whilst working from home, unable to showcase the office environment with your colleagues?

One of the top trends right now is #workfromhome, with 1.2 billion views from videos on the hashtag. Delving into the trend, you can see companies doing dances in their Zoom meetings, showcasing the realities of working from home and giving #jobtips during this unstable time. You can encourage your colleagues to make videos showcasing their #workfromhome experience in a humorous way.

Take a look at how The Washington Post is using this time to connect with their audience in a clever way by creating daily quarantine videos. They break the boundaries of what is assumed of news companies by adapting to the TikTok trends and creating original, captivating content. By being one of the first publishers on the platform, they also let their actions demonstrate that they are on the forefront of technology changes and have their finger on the pulse; when a video is executed well, it has the power to make waves on the platform.

You can also highlight previous content you have created in a way that adapts to the TikTok trends. Redbull, for instance, showcases archival footage in a way that matches TikTok’s formatting and keeps the audience entertained. They recently hit 4 million followers on their TikTok account, making it the 4th biggest brand on the platform.

TikTok allows you to shed positive light on the current situation, which is an important part of your social responsibility as a business. Adapting to these trends and even making your own could be just the start. The World Health Organisation is currently using TikTok to keep followers updated on COVID-19. They recently created the #safehands challenge to encourage people to wash their hands, this trend has gone viral with 4 billion views of the tag.


If your social media strategy relies heavily on Instagram or Facebook, don’t worry. TikTok won’t replace these platforms. If anything, it will heighten them.

You can share your TikTok videos as Instagram Stories or through Facebook. TikTok also introduced the ability to share URL links, so unlike Instagram, you can create organic reach and drive to your website! With this in mind though, you don’t want to appear too salesy. If you are going to use TikTok, you need to adapt to the ‘trends’ and they are constantly changing in isolation.


If you want to adapt your strategy towards TikTok, you can’t just make a video and hope for the best – there is a game to play with the algorithm and it is a complex game. People might spend hours trying to create a video for it to only get 500 views, but a video of an egg landing in a cup could reach 1 million views.

One of the key tricks we’ve learnt from creating our Magnum and Co TikTok account is that the videos that ‘go viral’ on the ‘for you’ page are the ones that make you want to finish watching the video. The algorithm is triggered by the watch time and the engagement it receives, so keep this in mind when making your first video.

For a business, TikTok can be intimidating and confusing, I will admit I was one of those people that refused to download it for a long time, but here I am writing an article about how powerful it can be for your social media strategy.

Now more than ever is the time to test and think about adding TikTok to your marketing plan. So give it a whirl and see what it’s about. Use this time to start creating some content on this new platform and compare its performance against your already-established channels to decide if it’s worth pursuing for your brand long-term.

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Words by Social & Digital Executive, Annie Davidson