YouTube Launches Pop Up ‘Experiential House’ in NYC – Weekly Social Media Update Wk12 2019

YouTube Launches Pop-Up ‘Experiential House’ in NYC

YouTube has this week opened a new ‘YouTube House’ pop-up in New York, which includes a range of different elements of focus for YouTubers and showcases the various aspects of the platform’s offerings. YouTube House includes dedicated areas for YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, virtual reality, a fitness studio, a kitchen and YouTube Music. [Read More]

Facebook Highlights Evolving Topics of Conversation in Latest ‘Topics to Watch’ Report

According to Facebook’s research team, up to 80% of the topics they’ve identified in their monthly reports go on to become more significant movements. A few of the key topics to watch include classic rock, comfort food and no-knead bread. [Read More]

Instagram’s Testing a Video Scrubbing Option

Instagram is looking to add a new way to search through posted videos, enabling you to find specific moments. This new tool will make it easier to locate key points within uploaded content. [Read More]

Facebook Discovers Another Data Security Issue, with Millions of Passwords Inadequately Stored

Facebook found that some user passwords were being stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems. Facebook has fixed this issue and as a precaution notifying everyone whose passwords were stored in this way. [Read More]