Be Heard on Facebook! You Can Now Create Your Own Petitions – Weekly Social Media Update Wk3 2019

Facebook’s Working on a New Feature to Appeal to Younger Users

Facebook is working on a new young feature called ‘LOL’ which would be a new section within the main app focused on trending GIFs and memes being shared on the platform. [Read More]


LinkedIns interest targeting lets advertisers target ads based on users professional interests

The Interest Targeting feature will allow advertisers to choose from more than 200 professional topics, including artificial intelligence, global economy and customer experience. [Read More]


Facebook Launches New Option for Users to Create their Own On-Platform Petitions

Facebook’s new feature will enable users to create their own petitions on Facebook and rally other users in support. Called ‘Community Actions’, the tool’s intended to inspire increase civic action and community participation. [Read More]


Facebook’s Adding New Ways for Advertisers to Control Where Their Ads Appear

Facebook’s developing a new system which will enable more effective management of where ad content appears, with the main focus being on Facebook’s Audience Network. The two options to control where your ad content appears includes creating your own block list and the other option is to use Facebook’s exclude categories tool which is included within the Ad Placements section of your ad set. [Read More]