Try On Shoes Virtually? You Can with Snapchat AR! – Weekly Social Media Update Wk47 2018

Snapchat Lets You Virtually Try on the Latest Adidas Sneakers in New AR Promotion

Adidas has launched a new ad campaign on Snapchat which enables users to virtually try on the latest sneakers. The AR option lets you select a pair of shoes, which are then placed on the ground via the Snap camera. You can then merge them onto your feet to see how they look. The integration showcases another way in which Snap’s AR tools can be used to great effect in order to help showcase products, which could be particularly relevant for fashion items. [Read more]

Facebook Adds New Camera Tools to Messenger, Including Boomerang and Selfie Mode

Facebook has added three new camera tools to Messenger, giving users more options to help share their festive celebrations. Firstly, they’re adding the Boomerang mode to Messenger. Secondly, a new Selfie mode, which will automatically blur the image background to put more focus on your face. Lastly, Facebook’s also adding a new AR element to Messenger photos, with stickers that you can overlay onto real-world scenes. [Read more]

Social media trends to watch in 2019

One of the social media trends to watch in 2019 is video’s prominence as the preferred form of content. 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service, and 76% indicated that it has helped increase web traffic and sales. Live-streaming will continue its emergence as a powerful way to engage people on social media. [Read more]

Instagram Adds New Music Sharing Option, Question Stickers to Live

The new Instagram Stories option enables users to share songs with friends via the question sticker. In addition, users will also now be able to add a new range of video effects within the camera that will respond to the beats and sounds of a song. Instagram has also announced a new way to interact within Live videos, with question stickers now available during the broadcast. [Read more]

Instagram Top Trends for 2018

Instagram provides an interesting overview of the most popular trends on the platform, and the popularity of various social movements. Instagram has chosen to focus on specific elements, including the most popular GIFs, face filters, and the most engaged communities and movements on the platform from the last 12 months. [Read more]