Soon we’ll be chatting with our ads – Weekly Social Media Update Wk42 2018

Google ushers in the Age of Conversational Ads with the launch of AdLingo

Blurring the lines between social and display, Google Ads’ new display format allows advertisers to deliver ads that query users and respond to them. Dubbed “AdLingo”, it provides the first widely available ad format for conversational ads outside of messaging apps. [ Read more ]


Facebook’s Instant Forms Can Be Added to Ad Campaigns for Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic

Facebook announced that brands can now include Instant Form (aka Lead Forms) in all ad campaigns with brand awareness, reach and traffic objectives. The feature enables actions such as newsletter signups, registrations and more; and will be available on Stories, as well as traditional ad formats. The update also comes with a new platform reporting functionality “which enables marketers to determine whether Instant Forms were submitted via Facebook or Instagram as a way to help them determine which channels are most effective for their campaigns. [ Read more ]


YouTube now counts ‘engagement’ on YouTube ads as 10 seconds, not 30

YouTube announced it is changing the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads. TrueView for action ads are designed for performance advertisers and feature call-to-action banners at the base of the video ads. YouTube will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of a TrueView for action ad, rather than 30 seconds. [ Read more ]


Instagram’s testing tapping instead of scrolling through posts

The effortless way you fast forward through stories could be coming to more of Instagram which would allow tapping through posts like you do with stories. Instagram confirms to that it’s testing tap to advance within Explore and that it is definitely possible the feature could come to the news feed. [ Read more ]


Pinterest Adds New Shopping Options to Boost eCommerce Potential

Pinterest is rolling out three new updates, aligned with on-platform shopping. The first is an update to its Product Pins, which will now replace Buyable Pins across the board. The new variation will be more dynamic, including up to date stock info and pricing, which will make it easier for Pinterest users to get accurate information to help in their shopping journey. In addition to this, Pinterest is also adding a new shopping recommendations section beneath Style and Home Pins, enabling users to browse similar items across multiple brands. [ Read more ]


Google Announces Expansion of ‘Shopping Actions’, New Shopping Data Ahead of the Holiday Period

Google has announced two new updates aimed at providing more options for advertisers to help reach the right consumers with the right messaging. The first is an expansion of its ‘Shopping Actions’ program, which enables users to move seamlessly from browsing to buying with a universal cart that works across Search, the Google Assistant, and Google Express whether they’re on mobile, desktop or even a Google Home device. The second update through ‘Shopping Actions’ will help brands ensure that their products appear in Google voice search queries, via Google Assistant on mobile or Google Home. [ Read more ]