Social Media Weekly Roundup


1 . Facebook debuts Halloween face filters on Facebook Live

Facebook has made another move towards Snapchat with it’s launch of Halloween themed face filters. The masks appear to be limited edition but will pave the way for future filter packs.

2 . Twitter gets rid of  Vine

The looping video app, owned by Twitter, will be discontinued in the coming months. Users will be alerted before the changes will come into place and Vines will remain online so users can watch previously posted content, but will not be able to create new videos.

3 . Facebook updates Branded Content Policy to Include verified profiles

Earlier in the year, Facebook launched it Branded Content Policy which allowed pages to tag sponsors in branded content. This feature is now being released to verified profiles like those of sportspeople and other celebrities, with Facebook setting to crack down on users not declaring sponsored content.

4 . Twitter tests excluding usernames in 140 character limit

Twitter is testing the update with iOS users where a tweet recipient’s username will no longer count against the character count.

5 . Messenger now supports PayPal payments

Facebook and Messenger have strengthened their relationship with PayPal now becoming a payment option for Messenger chat bots.

6 . Instagram tests live video

Reports are showing the functionality is being tested in Instagram Stories with a LIVE banner appearing on the stories feed. The user interface also includes a red button reading “Go Insta!”

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