Social Media Weekly Roundup


1 . Snapchat reveals Australian daily usage data

New information released by Snap Inc shows Australia is one of the app’s territories with the highest users per capita. With 4 million daily active Australian users, nearly a quarter of Aussie smartphone users check Snapchat every day.

2 . Instagram adds live video broadcasting and disappearing Direct Messages

The platform announced two major updates which will roll out to all users over the next few weeks. Users will now be able to live broadcast on Stories and, in another nod to Snapchat, disappearing messages have been added to the the direct messaging feature.

3 . Snapchat unveils Spectacles store in NYC

Instead of another remote vending machine drop, Snapchat opened a bricks-and-mortar store this week in New York City. The store contains just one Spectacle vending machine and, in contrast to the other pop up locations, it will be restocked whenever it sells out.

4 . Reddit CEO admits secretly editing comments on the site

Steve Huffman has admitted modifying comments that users have left about him on the site. The CEO replaced mentions of his own username on an unfavourable thread with a pro-Donald Trump community’s username.

The changes offered no notification to the original poster or any indication being made that the posts had been updated. Users are now calling into question the integrity of the popular website.