Social Media Weekly Roundup


1 . Instagram app now available on Windows 10 tablets

You’ll now be able to capture, edit and share directly from your Windows 10 tablet device. We’re still waiting to hear on if and when an app will be available on iPad.

2 . Facebook Messenger is trialling Data Saver mode

Messenger is a notorious data sucker. This week Facebook announced that they are currently trialling a Data Saver option that allows you to choose what Messenger downloads rather than automatically downloading everything as it currently does.

3 . Facebook Messenger tests adding suggested Conversation Topics

Stuck for what to chat about on Messenger? Facebook has you covered. The conversation starters rely on your friend’s updates and will tell you what they have been up to lately i.e. where they’ve travelled to, events they plan on attending etc.

4 . Instagram introduces suicide prevention tools

These days, when someone is having a hard time, the first signs can appear on social media. Instagram has introduced new features to let you flag this anonymously. If you report a worrying post on Instagram, the poster will receive a message offering options to talk to a friend, contact a helpline or receive tips and support.

5 . Instagram adds Stories to the Explore tab

In a follow up to adding a Snapchat Story clone recently, Instagram has now added their Stories feature to the Explore tab to increase usage even further.

6 . Facebook tests another Snapchat lookalike ‘Messenger Day’ in Australia

Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories and now Messenger Day. We’re really spoiled for choice! Facebook has rolled out a test of Messenger Day in Australia that operates almost exactly like the other versions do.

7 . Facebook tests food ordering and ticket purchasing in the US

From Facebook Pages, US users can now order food, request appointments, get quotes, or buy tickets through Ticketmaster and EventBrite without leaving Facebook.

8 . LinkedIn debuts changes to the Endorsements feature

The professional network has tweaked Endorsements so that when someone visits a user’s profile, they can see featured endorsements made by mutual connections, colleagues and “people who are knowledgeable about the skill.” They have also improved the feature’s targeting, so that those most likely to know about your experience on a certain skill will see the option to endorse you for it.

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