Social Media Weekly Roundup


1 . Snapchat Spectacles are here!

After much anticipation, Spectacles have finally made their debut on the US West Coast through pop up vending machines. Due to the scarce nature of the glasses, pairs are selling on eBay for up to $2,300.

2 . LinkedIn rolls out Audience Insights

Tapping on ME on the LinkedIn mobile app will bring up insights on who has read your posts and more data about them like where they work, what industry they’re in and more.

3 . Twitter introduces QR codes

The latest platform to adopt a Snapchat feature, Twitter has launched QR codes for user profiles that work in the same way Snapcodes do. This will make it easier to find and follow users rather than spelling out a username!

4 . Facebook merges Messenger and Instagram to a single inbox

Business pages can now respond to Facebook and Instagram private messages in a single inbox, making community management a little more streamlined.

5 . WhatsApp set to debut video calling

The feature is set to launch to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users in the coming days.

6 . Twitter updates mute feature

In another move to combat abuse on the platform, Twitter have updated their settings to include the option to mute keywords, phrases and entire conversations from your notifications.

7 . Google and Facebook ban fake news from their ad networks

Following on from fake election news criticism, both Facebook and Google have banned sites that produce the false stories from their advertising networks. Essentially this will stop these sites profiting from the practice.

8 . Apple reinstates the ‘peach butt’ emoji

It caused outcry when iOS 10 made the emoji too realistic, so Apple have released an update to revert the peach to being more butt-like.

9 . Pinterest launches Explore section

Jumping on the Explore bandwagon, Pinterest has launched the feature allowing you to browse trending ideas.