Profile: Magnum & Co’s Managing Director, Carl Moggridge

What’s your backstory?

I played a couple of sports at a decent level, but I always used to choke when it mattered. So when I studied sports science at college, I took psychology to help and business as a backup. Obviously the oedipus complex didn’t make things better so I ended up as a strategic planner at an agency. Now, I just love trying to work out why people do things, like buy brands.

What career advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t chase money, chase people that can teach you things. Money will follow because you’ve learnt from good people.

What drives you?

Helping the team at Magnum & Co do the best work of their careers. And have fun doing it.

What makes good leadership?

Understand the consequences of your actions, both big and small. Everything you do influences the behaviour of those around you. From being prompt to meetings, to digging in and getting your hands dirty with the work. As a leader you have to be conscious of absolutely everything.

Who’s your idol?

My Great Auntie Jackie Moggridge. She used to fly planes for the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the World War II. You can read about her in a book called Spitfire Girl.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I’d like us to be more curious and critical about what we do. We’re too quick to jump on shiny things and shallow dogma. Instead we need substance in our thinking and more radical ideas that actually change things.

In your opinion, what are currently the most significant industry threats and opportunities?

There’s a lot, but without a doubt the biggest threat is short termism. With everything that is happening, we need to look further ahead and focus on the bigger picture rather than tweaking a brand tracker.

What causes do you care about?

I run Good for Nothing outside of work. It’s a community of people from our industry that give their time and skills to help not for profits.

Favourite holiday destination?


Guilty pleasure?

Real Ale. The warm English kind.