Netflix adds an Instagram Stories Sharing Function! – Weekly Social Media Update Wk4 2019

Netflix Adds New Instagram Stories Sharing Function, a New Marketing Consideration

Netflix has this week announced a new process which will enable users to share the latest TV show or movie they’re watching in the app direct to their Instagram Story. Given the rising popularity of the Stories format, we can expect more businesses will be looking for options – and this new Netflix integration could spark a lot more interest. [Read More]

Facebook plans new products in 2019

During the Q4 2018 earnings call, Zuckerberg outlined several areas where Facebook will push new products this year. Firstly, Encryption and ephemerality will be added to more features for security and privacy, Stories will gain new private sharing options, Facebook Watch will become mainstream this year as video is moved there from the News Feed, Zuckerberg expects and more. [Read More]

Rising Video App TikTok is Already Testing Ads

Music video focused app TikTok is emerging as the new key platform for younger users, melding the viral nature of Vine with an advanced range of additional features and tools. A new report indicated that TikTok had already been downloaded and installed nearly 80 million times in the U.S. alone. TikTok is looking to enable advertisers to tap into its youth appeal. [Read More]

Facebook Releases New Report on Evolving Sports Engagement on Social Platforms

Facebook has published a new report which looks at how social media has changed the way people engage with sports content, and what brands need to consider in this shift. Firstly, according to the data, the gender divide among sports fans may not be as significant as you’d expect. Facebook also notes the rising interest in female sports leagues, and the opportunities for additional coverage of such on social platforms. Facebook also notes the rise in second-screening as viewers look to engage in real-time on social around sports events. [Read More]