Instagram’s IGTV is retreating from its vertical-only policy – Weekly Social Media Update Wk23 2019

IGTV is retreating from its vertical-only policy as users can upload traditional horizontal landscape videos too. They’ll be shown full-screen when users turn their phones sideways while watching IGTV’s standalone app or its hub within the main Instagram app. [Read more]

Time spent on Facebook & Snapchat remains flat, but Instagram sees growth

Instagram users will spend an average 27-minutes per day on the app, up a minute from last year. This number will keep growing a minute per year through 2021, according to the research firm. [Read more]

Mobile to become the preferred platform for video ads by end of 2019

Mobile video consumption is steadily eclipsing TV and desktop screen share into 2019 – and video ad dollars are following suit. A new report has found that nearly 50% of video ads were viewed on a mobile device – up from 40% in 2018. If growth continues at this rate, mobile devices are slated to become the preferred platform for video ad placements by the end of the year. [Read more]

New study looks at rising Facebook video trends

Firstly, vertical video is now the most used video format on Facebook, which could make it a more significant consideration for marketers, based on shifting consumer habits and expectations. In particular it suggests that fashion and travel top the list when it comes to vertical video. Secondly, live streams see higher level of engagement. [Read more]

Facebook gives game developers new ad options within Audience Network

Facebook is introducing new ad options for mobile gaming advertisers, now making rewarded video and playable ads for game apps available via its Audience Network. Playable ads, an ad unit that allows a user to “try-out” an app or game before downloading it, will also be available via its Audience Network. [Read more]