Instagram separates new likes on posts, adds unfollower stats for creator accounts – Weekly Social Media Update Wk21 2019

Instagram is testing out an option that would separate new and old likes on your posts, helping you to more easily see the latest activity, and take action on the same. Instagram Creator accounts now have access to a new chart of followers and unfollowers, helping to provide additional context on account performance. [Read more]

Facebook is developing a new link and mention stickers for Facebook Stories

In Facebook’s back end there are in-development options for both link and mention stickers for Facebook Stories, unreleased, and unannounced as yet, but very likely to be coming soon. The main option of interest is the ability to add referral links. At present, the capacity to post links to Facebook Stories is available to some users, but access is very limited. [Read more]

Instagram ramps up its efforts against apps selling likes and followers

Instagram’s new warning messages appear to indicate another effort against apps selling likes and followers, with specific messaging listed for accounts that have been found to have used third-party tools to gain followers. [Read more]

Youtube’s adding new still image ads

YouTube has this week announced that it will soon provide non-video advertisers with a new still image option that will appear within YouTube home feeds. Called Discovery Ads, the new option will use audience targeting to display your ads to relevant users, based on their activity. [Read more]

Instagram adds Stories to Explore tab

Instagram’s pivot to Stories continues with an overhaul of Explore designed to let users dig deeper into their niche interests. Stories are now eligible to show up in the Explore tab for the first time, giving creators a way to get discovered through their intimate, silly, behind-the-scenes content instead of just their manicured feed posts. [Read more]