Instagram Launches Voice Messaging in Direct Messages – Weekly Social Media Update Wk46 2018

Instagram-launches-voice-messaging-in-direct messaging

Instagram has now announced that it’s rolling out voice messaging within direct message, providing another way for users to stay in touch. Voice messages can be up to a minute long, and remain permanently listenable rather than disappearing. Voice messages will also work in both one-on-one and group chats. [Read more]

Facebook’s Adding Search as an Ad Placement Option, Providing New Opportunities

Instagram is now testing “creator account” profiles, which will offer additional data tools and options for high profile users. Creator-specific tools that will be part of the new accounts include growth insights such as data around follows and unfollows, direct messaging tools that allow users to filter notes from brand partners and brands, and flexible labels which enable users to designate how they want to be contacted. [Read more]

Instagram Adds New ‘Countdown’ Sticker to Instagram Stories

Instagram has added a new ‘Countdown’ sticker for Stories, which displays a timer for a chosen event. When a user taps on your countdown sticker, they’ll be given the option to either set a reminder for when the countdown ends, or to share the countdown with their followers. [Read more]

Google Adds New Video Ad CTAs for YouTube

Google has announced an update to its call to action buttons for videos, with a new CTA format being rolled out for YouTube ads in January 2019. CTAs will be clearer, more defined, and will likely attract more deliberate, interested users. [Read more]

Facebook confirms searches performed off the platform do not influence Facebook search results

Facebook search results are guided by a user’s behavior on the platform: from posts shared by Friends, Pages they follow, Facebook Groups they belong to, events they’ve liked or followed and any other content they’ve interacted with within the News Feed. Search is also influenced by information a user shares with Facebook, including profile details, places they’ve tagged and previous searches they’ve performed on the app. While every action a user may take on platform can influence a Facebook search, the company reports that any searches performed off the platform will not impact Facebook search results. [Read more]