Instagram is working on a new ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories – Weekly Social Media Update Wk 20 2019

The new feature will enable Stories viewers to join a private chat group, direct from a Story. Along with Facebook more broadly, Instagram has been putting increased emphasis on messaging, with more than half of the app’s users now also using Instagram Direct. For brands, this could provide another way to build a stronger community connection. [Read more]

Facebook updates its video guidelines to promote original content

Facebook will now prioritise videos that focus on original content, those where users are engaged for longer periods of time and those where users return repeatedly to watch more. Going forward, Facebook will actively add more weight in rankings to those videos that are at least three minutes. [Read more]

As part of broader privacy push, Google gives users more control over location data

Google is making it easier for users to find privacy controls, by tapping on the profile picture in the upper right corner of various Google products (search, Maps, YouTube, etc.). Google is tightening third-party data access, making it more difficult for publishers and developers to easily capture background location. Apps will still be able to get location to function, but users will likely default to “while in use” or “deny.” [Read more]