Instagram is Testing a New Listing to Stories – Weekly Social Media Update Wk32 2019

Instagram is now looking to add new notification tools and options to help boost user engagement and to ensure that people are aware of relevant mentions. The new section would list all the Stories in which a user has been @mentioned or tagged by the Story creator, separating these notifications from your general notifications stream. [Read more]

Facebook to remove thousands of outdated interest targets for advertising

Facebook announced Tuesday that it will be removing thousands of outdated and infrequently used interest targets such as old movie and band names and other older cultural references. The interest targets will no longer be available for new campaigns. For those advertisers who are using any of the targets that are being removed in their existing ad sets will be notified starting in August that the targets can no longer be used. [Read more]

Pinterest adds new personalized recommendations, new related product listings on Pins

Pinterest continues its shift away from social media, and towards eCommerce, with the addition of two new product showcase tools which aim to prompt user purchases based on their on-platform behaviours. One of the new additions is an updated shopping section below Pins from certain businesses, which will showcase expanded brand catalogues based on the items you’ve shown an interest in. [Read more]

Snapchat launches ‘instant’ tool for creating vertical ads

Snapchat has just launched a new tool called Instant Create which generates ads for businesses in three simple steps from their existing assets. The function allows you to upload creative assets, but this is not required, as Instant Create will also import images from your website. [Read more]