Instagram is Rolling Out New Ad Units in its Explore Tab – Weekly Social Media Update Wk28 2019

Instagram is introducing ads in Explore slowly in the coming months. After tapping on a photo or video in Explore, people may begin to see ads as part of their browsing experience just like in the main feed. [Read more]

Consumers indicate experience, not price, as top conversion factor

For consumers, the decision to buy is largely driven by positive quick and simple digital experiences. According to the research, 66% of consumers rate experiences over price when it comes to making a purchase decision. Over half of those surveyed (52%) reported having left a website while shopping because of a poor site experience.  [Read more]

Instagram’s new chat sticker lets friends ask to get in on the conversation directly in Stories

Instagram has a new sticker type rolling out that lets friends and followers instantly tap to start conversations from within Stories. The new sticker option, labelled “Chat,” will let anyone looking at a story request to join an Instagram group DM conversation tied to the post, with the original poster still getting the opportunity to approve requests coming in from their Followers. [Read more]

YouTube rolls out new tools to enable customisation of video recommendations

YouTube has announced some new changes which will put more power into the hands of users in terms of the types of videos are recommended to them. [Read more]

Facebook warns pages it is downgrading posts that use exaggerated health claims to promote products

Facebook announced changes to its algorithm last month to reduce the amount of misleading health information on the platform, as well as posts that promote or attempt to sell products or services based on health-related claims. [Read more]