Instagram confirms it is testing increased ad loads in Stories – Weekly Social Media Update Wk36 2019

Instagram reports it is experimenting with running back-to-back Story ads from different advertisers. The experiment is only being performed on a small group of users, and all advertisers are eligible to be part of the test. This will make it more important for brands to focus on the creative aspect of their campaigns to differentiate themselves from competitors. [Read more]

Facebook Simplifies Group Privacy Settings to Clarify Exposure

As Facebook continues to emphasize group usage, it’s looking to clarify what its group privacy settings actually mean, in order to simplify the process and ensure that users understand their group activity exposure. A big part of this clarification relates to what people are discussing within Facebook groups, and ensuring that members feel safe to share their experiences within Facebook communities. [Read more]

Instagram is Developing a Separate Messaging App Called ‘Threads’

Instagram’s is testing a new messaging app called ‘Threads’ which will look to focus on building stronger, more constant connection between smaller, enclosed groups. [Read more]

Facebook’s Looking to Prompt More Sharing to Your Personal and Page Stories

Facebook is trying out a new Stories update prompt which displays a split Stories panel, and prompts users to share to their personal and/or business Page Stories. This new test is more geared towards inflating Stories usage. [Read more]