Facebook Will Open Several Pop-Up Cafes in London to Assist Users with Privacy Settings – Weekly Social Media Update Wk35 2019

In its latest attempt to prove to the world that it’s not actually an evil corporation, hell-bent on gathering as much personal data as possible in order to use it against us, Facebook will open up five temporary cafes in the UK, where users will be able to get assistance and advice on their privacy settings, along with a free beverage. [Read more]

Twitter introduces 6-second viewable video ad bids

Twitter is rolling out a new video ad bidding option that allows advertisers to run 15-second or shorter video ads, but only be charged if the ad is viewed for a full six-seconds with pixels at 50% in-view. [Read more]

Pinterest Provides Additional Insights into its Pin Classification Process

Pinterest has provided various insights on its systems in the past, and this week, Pinterest’s engineering team provided another overview of its classification processes, which may help to further improve your understanding, and your Pin creation strategy as a result. [Read more]

Facebook Joins Other Tech Giants In Employing Journalists To Curate News

Facebook is hiring a small team of journalists to help curate breaking news and repair its strained relationship with news publishers. The company says it will employ journalists to select breaking news and top stories that will be featured in its soon-to-be-launched feature called News Tab, rather than using algorithms to determine what is shared with its vast network of users. [Read more]

Instagram’s Launching a New Option for Reporting Misinformation as On-Platform Scams Grow

Instagram is testing a new option which will enable users to report misinformation on the platform, the latest in Facebook’s broader efforts to slow the spread of fake and misleading content across its platforms. [Read more]