Facebook Tests New In-App Shopping Ads for Both Facebook and Instagram – Weekly Social Media Update Wk38 2019

Facebook is testing out two new shopping ad options, both of which are aimed at streamlining the path to purchase, and keeping users in-app, as opposed to filtering them off to other websites. Firstly, a Dynamic Ad option would enable users to order an advertised item direct from the News Feed ad itself. Facebook is also testing out the capacity for brands to turn their Instagram Shopping ads into paid promotions. [Read more]

Facebook launches tool to test, preview Playable Ads

The Playable Ads Preview tool lets developers check an ad’s call-to-action implementation before uploading it to Facebook. The ability to test the ad’s assets — including the call-to-action implementation — will be a big time saver. [Read more]

YouTube Announces Changes to Data Collection and Ad Targeting on Videos Aimed at Children

YouTube has announced a range of new measures to better protect children using its platform, reducing data collection on content aimed at kids, and the capacity for advertisers to target young viewers through ads on such content. [Read more]