Facebook Shrinking Ads – Weekly Social Media Update Wk31 2019

Posts and ads in the mobile News Feed will display at a 4:5 aspect ratio, which means they’ll be shorter than at the current 2:3 aspect ratio. The new ad layout will only allow for three lines of text, after which users will see a prompt to display more of the text. That’s quite a significant change from displaying as many as seven lines of text currently. [Read more]

Google’s invitation-only Test for a New Social Networking Tool

Google started an invitation-only test of a social networking app that aims to bring people together in the real world — not just digitally, based on their activities and interests. The app, called Shoelace, provides suggestions every day on nearby happenings, such as free comedy shows or pick-up soccer games, that give people a reason to meet up. [Read more]

Pinterest Adds New Self-help Tool to Assist Users Dealing with Mental Stress

Pinterest says that its users conduct “millions of searches” related to emotional health on the platform every year, which is what prompted this new initiative. The objective of these quick, immediate response activities is to help users in need at different times, providing another way to help ease the stress and provide guidance – as opposed to basic keyword search results. [Read more]

Facebook Publishes New, In-Depth Report on the state of video consumption in Australia

The report looks at video consumption in Australia broken down by demographic, time of day, relative reach, content types and average time spent on each channel. [Read more]