Facebook Releases Its Topics and Trends of 2019!- Weekly Social Media Update Wk 2 2019

Facebook releases its topics and trends of 2019

Facebook groups the findings across seven different categories- Beauty & Fashion, Commerce, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Mind & Body, Science & Technology and Travel & Leisure. Food has taken on a new life beyond cuisine as people explore the functional benefits of specific ingredients. Eco-consciousness is driving purchasing decisions in beauty, fashion and travel. And now we’re seeing the decentralisation of traditional models in things like exercise, shopping and even screen time. [Read more]


Google Outlines the Evolution of Google Lens, and the Future of Visual Search

Visual search is a key trend of the future, and one which is likely to change the way we discover and purchase relevant products. Pinterest is developing its visual search capacity, and Facebook too is working on image-based solutions to help users find exactly what they’re after. Google has this week published a blog post which details the development of its Lens image search option, outlining the range of additions and innovations they’ve made to make it a more effective, accurate tool. [Read more]


Businesses Can Now Directly Schedule Videos to Instagram

Previously, the Instagram API was limited to scheduling single-image posts, not yet allowing third-party tools to schedule videos or multi-image posts. Now, these tools – mainly social media management apps – can add the ability to schedule video posts to Instagram. [Read more]


Facebook Adds New CTA Stickers for Page Stories

Facebook has now released a new set of CTA stickers for Pages, which will enable businesses to make more effective use of the option via direct response tools. The new buttons mirror the CTA options available in the main header of business Pages. [Read more]


Instagram lets marketers share posts across multiple accounts


Instagram rolled out a new feature that gives iOS users managing multiple accounts the option to share a post across two or more of the accounts under their management. Users will see a “Post to other accounts” option when creating a new post, and they can select the accounts they want to post to using toggle switches. [Read more]