Facebook puts Groups as the centre of the app – Weekly Social Media Update Wk 19 2019

Facebook puts Groups as the centre of the app

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is making communities on the platform as central as friend connections, putting Groups at the center of the app with new updates to the function. Firstly when a user opens the Groups tab, they’ll see a personalized feed of activity from the Groups they belong to and a new discovery tool that will recommend Groups based on the user’s interest. Facebook is also inserting Group recommendations in other areas of the app, including Marketplace. [Read more]

Spotify is testing voice enabled ads

When a voice-enabled ad is served, listeners can opt to engage with it by responding, “Play Now.” That voice command activates the playlist or podcast, which also contain additional ads. If the listener doesn’t respond or says something other than the “Play Now” command, the current audio content will resume as usual. The formats could provide effective ways for advertisers to promote content and engage consumers when they’re not head down in their screen devices. [Read more]

Facebook’s adding new Messenger lead generation templates

Messenger is rolling out two new features for businesses: lead generation templates and an appointment booking interface that will integrate with calendar platforms. Both new features offer brands the opportunity to close the communication gap with potential customers, giving them a personalised experience via Messenger. [Read more]

Facebook is testing new more animated reactions

Facebook is working on some new variations of its Reactions animations, giving them a new colour gradient and a more animated feel. The new colour styles add more depth to the images, and make them a little more cartoonish. [Read more]