Facebook is About to get More Private– Weekly Social Media Update Wk10 2019

Rebuild: Facebook is about to get more private

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg says the future of his company’s product development will be focused on encrypted, private and ephemeral communication. Facebook will apparently rebuild a lot of its features, noting that smaller groups and more private, temporary posts are the fastest-growing areas of digital communications. [Read More]

Pinterest Adds More Ways for Businesses to Share and Promote their Products

Pinterest is ramping up its eCommerce tools, this time through the addition of new product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations, in order to maximize business potential. Pinterest is also making its Shopping Ads available to all businesses through its self-serve ad tool, and it’s expanding its ‘Shopping search’, in order to showcase more products to buy for related on-platform queries. [Read More]

Instagram’s Working on New Sorting Options for Followers, Karaoke-Style Music Videos

Instagram’s testing out a new filter option in your ‘Followers’ and ‘Following’ lists which would enable you to sort the listing by most recent additions, or the opposite.
The capacity could make it easier to locate your most long-serving brand supporters, which may provide new opportunities for connection. Instagram is also a trying out a karaoke-esque music video with lyrics tool for Stories, adding to your music sharing options. [Read More]

Facebook pages tests new page layout design

Facebook appears to have rolled out a new page design on Tuesday which will now include a three-column layout. On the right is static information about the page, while the left side contains the feed of recent posts. [Read More]