Facebook Adds New ‘Watch Party’ Feature – Weekly Social Media Update Wk10 2019

Facebook Adds New ‘Watch Party’ Option

Facebook is introducing a new Watch Party experience that will enable people to host Watch Parties around what’s happening on live TV. Facebook is currently testing this globally in Facebook Groups during live sports events like UEFA Champions League soccer matches. [Read More]

Google’s Adding New, Advanced AR Masks to YouTube Stories

Google’s looking to use its advanced capacity to take its AR effects tools to the next level, which it plans to roll out in YouTube Stories. The new AR effects will utilize improved “anchoring” processes to make them more realistic, and more responsive to real-world cues and movement. [Read More]

Instagram prototypes video co-watching

Instagram may allow you to chill and watch videos together with a friend. It’s unclear what users might be able to watch simultaneously, but the feature could give IGTV a much-needed boost, or just let you watch Instagram feed videos and Stories together. Either way, co-viewing could make you see more ads and drive more attention to creators. [Read More]

Facebook has ramped up its promotion of Facebook Stories

There are now a lot more mid-feed prompts for Stories showing up within your Facebook stream. Facebook has also added a new Stories Archive option for Facebook business Pages, which, along with the noted panel highlighting Page stories specifically, adds to the potential appeal of Stories for businesses. [Read More]