Our in-house production team, Magnum Studio, creates compelling content for social and digital channels.

We design content for the News Feed and Stories – two content environments which engage over 15 million Aussies each month across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat.

While media formats will always evolve, one thing remains the same: digital communication has the powerful ability to change a brand and influence culture.

We know what kind of content stops thumbs scrolling, engages and motivates audiences to take action. We deliver cost-effective rich media content for campaigns or as part of always-on content strategies.




We manage the entire production process end-to-end and have 3 golden rules when it comes to creating content…

RULE 1: Content strategies must be data-driven and insights-led ensuring optimal value exchange between the brand and audience.

RULE 2: Paid media spend must be optimised daily with content formats, audience targeting and messaging aligned to deliver on the underlying business objectives.

RULE 3: Content must deliver emotional impact and drive action.





  • Social videos: portrait short-form for Instagram Stories & IGTV, square format video for News Feed, long-form video and webisodes for YouTube and Vimeo, branded short films and everything in between. Our in-house production team, Magnum Studio, has full production capabilities from scripting, sourcing talent, directing, editing, publishing and promotion
  • Social posts: copywriting, curation, photography, gifs, cinemagraphs and memes
  • Graphic design: infographics, illustrations and animations
  • Production: storyboarding, treatments, scripts, production, casting, directing and editing
  • Long form content: Articles, listicles, features, white papers and thought leadership pieces