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How long is a piece of string? The measurement question

As in real life, so it is when it comes to measurement of marketing and communications efforts – if you aren’t pointed in the right direction from the outset, any difference you make is more fluke than strategic   In the year 2000 The Millennium Bridge in London was unveiled. It cost AUD$32M to build,… View Article

Why insights are essential for integrated marketing

  It’s interesting to ponder, while not all agencies do integrated marketing work, there is universal acceptance each marketing element should be integrated to achieve the best results. The difference then is not whether you have an integrated marketing agency, but whether you work with someone who knows how to integrate. And herein lies the… View Article

Death to AVE. Long live CPC?

Not a new debate, granted, yet fascinatingly (and in spite of the evolution in the way PR delivers outcomes) reporting metrics are still playing catch-up.   Yes, some clients still request AVE and coverage tracking providers still add it to the top of clippings, but isn’t it about time our industry took a collective approach… View Article