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Why Influencers Are Brands Too

It’s no surprise there’s a constant increase in brands working with influencers across campaigns to drive a number of objectives such as awareness, or influencing purchasing behaviour. This boom has grown faster than Justin Bieber’s tattoo collection and shows no signs of slowing down! The influx of influencers within the digital space means it’s getting… View Article

The Government’s blanket ban on influencer marketing lifts the lid on the need for industry education

This month the government introduced a blanket ban of influencer marketing following public outcry when it was revealed that $600,000 of tax payer’s money had been invested into this channel. Nationally the industry response to the decision has consistently echoed the same sentiment, stressing the poor tactics around the influencers selected for the campaign under… View Article

What GDPR Means for Australian Businesses

As you may know, there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the new regulations being implemented in the EU and how it could affect brands globally. We’ve read all the detail (so you don’t have to) and summarised below the ‘need to knows’ for your business.  Firstly, as an overview, General Data Protection… View Article

5 minutes with our Head of Social and Digital, Tim Hill

Known for his extensive technical knowledge, love of spreadsheets and great hair, Tim Hill leads Magnum & Co’s Social & Digital team. Joining the agency in late 2017, we took five with Tim to learn a little more about his love for the industry, career philosophy and favourite emoji. 1. Describe your role at Magnum… View Article

Navigating the Digital & Social Media Landscape in 2018

2017 was undoubtedly the year Augmented Reality broke through. Filters are now commonplace across messaging apps and social networks alike (even LinkedIn). There were also big moves in the world of influencer marketing, the rise of the micro influencer and Branded Content functionality rolling out on Facebook and Instagram. Some other highlights: – Facebook hit… View Article

What it’s like to intern at Magnum & Co

Hi! My name is Dylan and I recently completed an internship at Magnum & Co. I wanted to intern at Magnum because I was really interested in the consumer clients that they work with, such as Red Bull, Under Amour and JBL Audio. My time at Magnum really exceeded my expectations of how fun and enjoyable… View Article

The importance of team social activities and events

When I landed a position at Magnum & Co six months ago, I packed up my life in Canberra and moved to Sydney to start a whole new chapter. While this was an incredibly exciting time for me, it was also really daunting. I was stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown, and… View Article

New year, new agency? 5 things your marketing agency must have

What kind of marketing agency you ask? Well… does it actually matter? Today everyone is eating everyone else’s lunch. Because a good idea can come from anywhere it doesn’t really help to put agencies in boxes. Still as we welcome a new year, it’s not unusual to ask what can I do this year better than… View Article

Future-proof Your Office to Ensure Happiness at Work

The environment that you work in can impact how you perform. It can influence overall happiness at work and as a result, effect productivity. Changing how you work and introducing certain feel-good elements into your workplace can boost efficiency and fulfilment. Read on for five things that you can do to make your workspace more… View Article