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Profile: Magnum & Co’s Managing Director, Carl Moggridge

What’s your backstory? I played a couple of sports at a decent level, but I always used to choke when it mattered. So when I studied sports science at college, I took psychology to help and business as a backup. Obviously the oedipus complex didn’t make things better so I ended up as a strategic… View Article

5 minutes with our Head of Social and Digital, Tim Hill

Known for his extensive technical knowledge, love of spreadsheets and great hair, Tim Hill leads Magnum & Co’s Social & Digital team. Joining the agency in late 2017, we took five with Tim to learn a little more about his love for the industry, career philosophy and favourite emoji. 1. Describe your role at Magnum… View Article

The importance of team social activities and events

When I landed a position at Magnum & Co six months ago, I packed up my life in Canberra and moved to Sydney to start a whole new chapter. While this was an incredibly exciting time for me, it was also really daunting. I was stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown, and… View Article

New year, new agency? 5 things your marketing agency must have

What kind of marketing agency you ask? Well… does it actually matter? Today everyone is eating everyone else’s lunch. Because a good idea can come from anywhere it doesn’t really help to put agencies in boxes. Still as we welcome a new year, it’s not unusual to ask what can I do this year better than… View Article

Future-proof Your Office to Ensure Happiness at Work

The environment that you work in can impact how you perform. It can influence overall happiness at work and as a result, effect productivity. Changing how you work and introducing certain feel-good elements into your workplace can boost efficiency and fulfilment. Read on for five things that you can do to make your workspace more… View Article

Getting our sh*t together

Sometimes it can feel like you are all systems go, ALL the time – especially in the fast-paced world of PR. It’s easy to get lost in your head, the task at hand or the stresses of everyday life, but keeping a clear mind and not bundling up into a ball of stress is pretty damn… View Article