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5 Minutes with Head of Earned Media & Influence, Ourhai Turkhan

What’s your backstory? A Law graduate from London who turned to the dark side (PR) after realising that it was hands down the most fun you can have whilst working in an office. After years working at some of London’s top agencies, scandalous celebrity parties, awesome client freebies, 3,495 media lunches, a few (read: many)… View Article

Why Influencers Are Brands Too

It’s no surprise there’s a constant increase in brands working with influencers across campaigns to drive a number of objectives such as awareness, or influencing purchasing behaviour. This boom has grown faster than Justin Bieber’s tattoo collection and shows no signs of slowing down! The influx of influencers within the digital space means it’s getting… View Article

The Government’s blanket ban on influencer marketing lifts the lid on the need for industry education

This month the government introduced a blanket ban of influencer marketing following public outcry when it was revealed that $600,000 of tax payer’s money had been invested into this channel. Nationally the industry response to the decision has consistently echoed the same sentiment, stressing the poor tactics around the influencers selected for the campaign under… View Article

Five things you should know about Kurt Tilse

Kurt is our resident professional photographer and content creator. His innate understanding of social media, combined with his artistic and technical background, has led to him achieving influencer status in his own right. He’s a keen surfer, traveller and Japanese Jujitsu black belt, recently being selected to represent Australia in the World Sports Jujitsu Championships… View Article

Introducing MAGNETIC: Magnum & Co’s new influencer marketing solution

Influencer marketing is continuing to rise; demanding a bigger share of marketing, PR and digital budgets. As the industry continues to evolve so too does the demand to push the boundaries of integration. Recent studies show that influencer marketing delivers 11 times the ROI when compared to other digital strategies, validating the acceleration of this… View Article

Podcast: Finding the right connection with the right Influencer

Influencer marketing is maintaining its momentum in industry growth and interest and shows no signs of slowing down. Beyond this, the hybrid practice plays a very diverse role spanning digital, creative, social, PR and marketing to meet the demands of ever-evolving, integrated campaigns.     Now that the practice is out of its infancy; influencer… View Article

Influencer Marketing: large following, large…ROI?

How can you ensure a return on investment from your Influencer Marketing?   Social media is saturated with ‘influencers’, and those who have 5,000 to millions of followers are being continually inundated with offers from brands to endorse their products or services. It’s called ‘influencer marketing’ and brands are offering anything from contra deals to… View Article