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The Government’s blanket ban on influencer marketing lifts the lid on the need for industry education

This month the government introduced a blanket ban of influencer marketing following public outcry when it was revealed that $600,000 of tax payer’s money had been invested into this channel. Nationally the industry response to the decision has consistently echoed the same sentiment, stressing the poor tactics around the influencers selected for the campaign under… View Article

What GDPR Means for Australian Businesses

As you may know, there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the new regulations being implemented in the EU and how it could affect brands globally. We’ve read all the detail (so you don’t have to) and summarised below the ‘need to knows’ for your business.  Firstly, as an overview, General Data Protection… View Article

Profile: Magnum & Co’s Managing Director, Carl Moggridge

What’s your backstory? I played a couple of sports at a decent level, but I always used to choke when it mattered. So when I studied sports science at college, I took psychology to help and business as a backup. Obviously the oedipus complex didn’t make things better so I ended up as a strategic… View Article

Navigating the Digital & Social Media Landscape in 2018

2017 was undoubtedly the year Augmented Reality broke through. Filters are now commonplace across messaging apps and social networks alike (even LinkedIn). There were also big moves in the world of influencer marketing, the rise of the micro influencer and Branded Content functionality rolling out on Facebook and Instagram. Some other highlights: – Facebook hit… View Article

2018 – the year of…

Every year at about this time, keyboard warriors come out from the woodwork and start to hypothesise how the ensuing 12 months may play out. In the sea of want-to-be visionaries, it’s difficult to write something truly unique; even more so when you think that a lot of the changes that are being discussed are… View Article

What the Facebook News Feed update means for brands

The Facebook post last Thursday from Mark Zuckerberg about the upcoming News Feed update has caused quite the ruckus in the marketing community from News Feed Armageddon to Zuck’s $3B net worth loss after the announcement.   This prompted Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook to explain the changes in more detail. “With this update,… View Article

Introducing MAGNETIC: Magnum & Co’s new influencer marketing solution

Influencer marketing is continuing to rise; demanding a bigger share of marketing, PR and digital budgets. As the industry continues to evolve so too does the demand to push the boundaries of integration. Recent studies show that influencer marketing delivers 11 times the ROI when compared to other digital strategies, validating the acceleration of this… View Article

New year, new agency? 5 things your marketing agency must have

What kind of marketing agency you ask? Well… does it actually matter? Today everyone is eating everyone else’s lunch. Because a good idea can come from anywhere it doesn’t really help to put agencies in boxes. Still as we welcome a new year, it’s not unusual to ask what can I do this year better than… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Snapchat reveals Australian daily usage data New information released by Snap Inc shows Australia is one of the app’s territories with the highest users per capita. With 4 million daily active Australian users, nearly a quarter of Aussie smartphone users check Snapchat every day. 2 . Instagram adds live video broadcasting and disappearing… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Snapchat Spectacles are here! After much anticipation, Spectacles have finally made their debut on the US West Coast through pop up vending machines. Due to the scarce nature of the glasses, pairs are selling on eBay for up to $2,300. 2 . LinkedIn rolls out Audience Insights Tapping on ME on the LinkedIn… View Article