An opportunity to capture a new audience

Thredbo is Australia’s No. 1 Ski Resort, famous for having the longest runs, dedicated areas for all levels (including beginners) and non-stop events and entertainment.

Despite the resort’s popularity, more than one in five Australians have never seen the snow. However, more than 75% of this population expressed interest in a snow holiday which presented a powerful opportunity for Thredbo to capture this audience.

Date: July/August 2015
Services: Brand content marketing, social media promotion, integrated media relations, PR
Lead content: What do kids know about snow?

In the media:


Attracting first-timers to Thredbo

As one of Magnum’s long term clients, Thredbo’s brief for Winter 2015 was simple. Develop an integrated campaign to encourage Australians to experience a snow holiday for the first time.


A content led integrated approach

Focusing on first-timer families in Australia, our insights led campaign kicked off with an impossibly cute piece of video content that played on the sweet naivety, excitement and imagination of children who have never seen the snow before. Our aim was to capture the hilarious and entertaining moment when children tried to explain something they knew very little about.

15 second clip:

A paid social media program including sponsored posts was implemented to encourage views and engagement around the content.

To support the content and based on the insight that family holiday experiences are shared heavily online, we wanted to give families who had never seen the snow before, the opportunity to win an ultimate snow holiday, but with a twist. The social media promotion, Become a Snow Angel allowed people to nominate first-timer families who deserved a snow holiday.

The video content and social media promotion was supported by a comprehensive PR campaign to maximise mass mainstream coverage and promote the resort as the ideal place to experience a snow holiday for the first time.

Magnum officially launched the winter season via a media event in Sydney where guests were given the opportunity to snowboard with resort ambassador, Torah Bright via bespoke virtual reality goggles.


  • 500k+ content views (CPE >$0.02), reaching 700k+ across social media
  • 20k+ page views on promotion microsite 225 million earned media reach $3.4 million earned media value