Why Influencers Are Brands Too

It’s no surprise there’s a constant increase in brands working with influencers across campaigns to drive a number of objectives such as awareness, or influencing purchasing behaviour. This boom has grown faster than Justin Bieber’s tattoo collection and shows no signs of slowing down! The influx of influencers within the digital space means it’s getting… View Article

Facebook & YouTube duel it out in an innovation arms race – Weekly Social Media Update Wk40 2018

Facebook Announces Two New Video Ad Buying Options to Maximise Revenue Potential Facebook has announced two new video ad buying options to help both businesses and publishers capitalise on the potential of video during the 2018 holiday season. The first is what Facebook’s calling ‘In-Stream Reserve’, which will enable advertisers to reach people watching video… View Article

Weekly Social Media Update Wk39 2018

Facebook Looks Set to Launch its Smart Speaker, Called ‘Portal’, Next Week Facebook will next week announce it’s long-rumoured smart home device, called the ‘Portal’, which will enable users to ‘speak to Facebook’ within their homes, furthering The Social Network’s reaches. As noted, the device will likely include a large touchscreen, a wide-angle camera, microphones,… View Article

Weekly Social Media Update Wk38 2018

YouTube Adds Vertical Video Ad Options, Moving with Usage Trends YouTube has added new features to respond to an increasing number of users becoming accustomed to viewing content without having to turn their devices landscape. The platform has introduced new vertical video ad units, which will enable brands to capitalise on full-length presentation. [ Read… View Article