5 minutes with Kate featuring Charli, Account Director

 Meet Charli, our absolute gun of an Account Director and Magnum’s very own #fitspo.   If I was an emoji I would be the upside down smiley face emoji. I think it sums up my personality quite well. Pretty much always smiling  and bouncing around  and trying to see the world from lots of different… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Facebook’s launches new teens-only app Lifestage Lifestage is a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under and in school. It asks you questions based around a user’s likes and dislikes, but instead of answering with text, you record short videos. Your clips then form your video profile and is designed for teenagers to learn… View Article

Top 3 Upcoming Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends as heard at the Mashable + General Assembly Social Media Day   We know that the social sphere is ever-changing, and as social media marketers we are constantly endeavouring to stay on top of new technology, launches and upcoming trends. But is every new trend worth engaging with? Are all new social media… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Instagram adds event video channel to Explore In another move to rival Snapchat, Instagram added an events video channel to its Explore tab. Reminiscent of Snapchat’s Live Stories, the channel will offer coverage of concerts, sporting events etc. The feature is just for US users at the moment. 2 . Facebook is building it’s own desktop gaming platform Facebook announced it’s… View Article

5 Ways to keep to your Agency secrets secure from Cybercriminals

What does the word cybercriminal conjure up in your mind? A nerdy dude with glasses and spotty skin, who’s eaten one-too-many packets of Cheezels while sitting on a laptop in his mum’s basement? Well, this just in: you’re wrong. We all think we’re smart enough to avoid a cyber-attack and in doing so we underestimate the… View Article