Death to AVE. Long live CPC?

Not a new debate, granted, yet fascinatingly (and in spite of the evolution in the way PR delivers outcomes) reporting metrics are still playing catch-up.   Yes, some clients still request AVE and coverage tracking providers still add it to the top of clippings, but isn’t it about time our industry took a collective approach… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . New Facebook adverts to boost in-store sales The platform has announced that new dynamic ads will allow bricks-and-mortar retailers to upload store inventory and automatically update ad campaigns based on what’s available in a user’s location. Ads can also be optimised to target users who are most likely to visit their stores. 2… View Article

What’s an insight? And why does it matter?

  When people think about insights, they often think about lightbulb moments. Why? Because it epitomises the time when something you see becomes something you understand. The light reveals, showing you something with greater clarity such that it all comes into focus. Interestingly, too many people forget about the last part, which is actually the… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Instagram now lets everyone filter comments Previously only available to select celebrities and business accounts, Instagram is rolling out the ability to moderate comments to all of its users. Default and custom comment keyword blacklists will be available. 2 . Twitter’s longer tweets are launching on Monday It’s finally here after months of reports! Media… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Twitter DMs now offer read receipts Twitter is currently rolling out the feature in Direct Messaging, showing a blue check mark next to a message’s timestamp when it’s been read. The platform is also adding a typing indicator. The updates will be familiar to users of other chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp,… View Article