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What it’s like to intern at Magnum & Co

Hi! My name is Dylan and I recently completed an internship at Magnum & Co. I wanted to intern at Magnum because I was really interested in the consumer clients that they work with, such as Red Bull, Under Amour and JBL Audio. My time at Magnum really exceeded my expectations of how fun and enjoyable an internship can be.

You really learn a lot through internships, and the best thing about being at Magnum was working across different teams and clients, making it a really exciting and dynamic environment to be a part of. Tasks included writing pitches, identifying media targets and influencers for campaigns, reporting, competitor research, liaising with journalists and arranging creative media send-outs. I personally really enjoyed getting involved in brainstorms, as being able to hear ideas for campaigns bounce across the room in a professional environment was amazing. Working across teams also gave me the chance to speak to individuals, not only getting to know their great personalities but also to pick their brain and ask them valuable questions about their career journey and any advice they could give.

Internships are great at showing potential employers that you already have experience, but as well, they show that you have the desire and initiative to learn. However, in my opinion, I think the greatest benefit of an internship is its ability to help you discover what career path you like. University theory can only teach you so much, and interning really allows you to gain some direction – whether that be in terms of profession, business type or workplace culture. Prior to interning at Magnum, I didn’t think working in an agency environment was something I would like, but now, I love agency life!

My advice for anyone thinking about interning is simple – do it! I’ve had internships in the past that I didn’t enjoy, but that only brought me closer to finding ones that I did and closer to knowing which career path I want to pursue; Magnum & Co. inspired a real passion for me to work at an agency one day.

They were patient with answering all my questions and they have an awesome, family-like work culture. There is a great balance of professionalism, passion and quirkiness at Magnum which I think is very rare. If you are thinking about your next move, or even the first to gain some valuable intern experience, Magnum & Co would definitely be a good fit.

Dylan Ellul