5 Big Updates to Facebook Ads – Weekly Social Media Update Wk43 2018

Facebook Implements New Restrictions on ‘Low Quality’ Ads

Facebook has announced a new set of restrictions, and increased penalties, for brands that publish ‘low quality’ ads on its platform. Facebook has provided three specific examples that count as ‘low quality’. Firstly engagement bait – these are your typical ‘like and share’ posts, re-purposed as ads. Facebook has rules against using such methods in contests, but they also don’t like them in promotions. Secondly, withholding information which lure clicks by alluding to the full detail of the post without being clear on what that detail actually is. Lastly, sensationalised language which include ads that use exaggerated headlines or command a reaction from people but don’t deliver on the landing page. [ Read more ]


Facebook Attribution Now Available To All Advertisers

Facebook started beta testing an attribution solution for marketers to analyse the impact of their campaigns both on and off Facebook in March 2017. Now Facebook has released Attribution out of beta to all advertisers. The free tool is powered by the Facebook Pixel and can report on campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. The reports are designed to show how Facebook ad campaigns are impacting actions throughout the customer journey and which channels are driving traffic, conversions and purchases. [ Read more ]


Facebook’s Testing New Ads Which Showcase Products from Multiple Brands in One Ad Unit

Facebook’s testing a new ad unit which would display content from multiple advertisers within a single ad collection. The ads will include content from two or more companies within the same unit, with the bottom bar branding alternating on each frame within the carousel. [ Read more ]


Facebook Provides New Ad Targeting Options for App Marketers

Facebook has announced a new option to help app developers target Facebook users who’ve previously downloaded their app and are likely to re-engage with it after lapsing. The ad type, which can include interactive elements, enables app developers to get users back to their apps after initial download.The option aims to help push app usage, which, as Facebook notes, drops significantly after a week. [ Read more ]


Facebook’s Testing Video Polls Within Ads

Facebook’s running a new test which enables selected advertisers to add video polls to their Facebook ads. This will enable viewers to interact with the ad, with a dedicated poll included to help boost engagement. [ Read more ]


Instagram, Snapchat Continue to Lead in Teen Usage, While Facebook Continues to Decline

Snapchat remains the most popular social platform among younger audiences, but Instagram is now seeing more usage. If you want to reach teens, Snapchat and Instagram are where you should be looking. Interestingly, teens also identify Snapchat as their favorite platform, ahead of Instagram. [ Read more ]


YouTube Opens Up Premieres to Everyone, Announces New Investment into How-To Videos

“Now all users will be able to create a scheduled broadcast, which essentially aims to facilitate the engagement and interaction of a live video by getting all your fans into a virtual viewing party. The platform has also announced that its investing $20 million into the development of educational and ‘how-to’ content on the platform. ‘How to’ searches on its platform have increased by more than 140% since 2004, with much of that search interest directed towards ‘how to fix’ posts. [ Read more ]