Monthly Archive: April 2020

What does modern leadership look like?

The definition of leadership, or at least the one that I subscribe to, is “a process of social influence which maximises efforts of others towards achievement of a goal”. Now feels like as good a time as any to reflect on the different types of leadership styles we’ve witnessed over the last few weeks. What… View Article

Finding Positivity in Difficult Times

Acts of kindness will spread further than any virus could. Here are some of the small but monumental ways people are demonstrating acts of kindness and solidarity across the world. How will you make a difference? ANZAC Day Musical Mateship This year’s ANZAC day will be unlike any other. In light of the current restrictions… View Article

A good dose of good times.

We know the situation. We know what we need to do. We’re living it daily, playing our part, and staying at home. There is no need for us to go on about it. But there is a need for us to talk about how we need to be entertained now like never before.  Boy do… View Article

How to be useful during COVID-19? Listen carefully and quickly.

In just a few weeks (which at the moment feels like a few years) the world has completely changed. Shaking hands is now frowned upon, millions are out of work and our great outdoor lifestyle has come to a startling halt. Crisis has definitely hit. As marketers, we are not unfamiliar with a crisis. We’re… View Article

How do you solve a problem like COVID-19?

In just a few weeks, what we thought was media hysteria has turned into a global crisis, impacting us all in some way shape or form, both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke.  It certainly isn’t a time to be glib. While media consumption is up, we believe dealing with COVID-19… View Article