Monthly Archive: October 2016

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Facebook debuts Halloween face filters on Facebook Live Facebook has made another move towards Snapchat with it’s launch of Halloween themed face filters. The masks appear to be limited edition but will pave the way for future filter packs. 2 . Twitter gets rid of  Vine The looping video app, owned by Twitter,… View Article

Social Media Weekly Roundup

1 . Instagram app now available on Windows 10 tablets You’ll now be able to capture, edit and share directly from your Windows 10 tablet device. We’re still waiting to hear on if and when an app will be available on iPad. 2 . Facebook Messenger is trialling Data Saver mode Messenger is a notorious… View Article

Death to AVE. Long live CPC?

Not a new debate, granted, yet fascinatingly (and in spite of the evolution in the way PR delivers outcomes) reporting metrics are still playing catch-up.   Yes, some clients still request AVE and coverage tracking providers still add it to the top of clippings, but isn’t it about time our industry took a collective approach… View Article